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G.A.T.E./Gang and Violence Prevention
Both teen and adult gangs are a serious problem in Florida and nationwide. To help prevent and stop youth violence and gang involvement, G.A.T.E. or Gang Awareness Training Education is available to bring the message to teens and pre-teens in Southwest Florida.

The G.A.T.E. program is a school-based curriculum taught by law enforcement officers, prevention specialists and teachers. Young people are given lessons that focus on leadership, acceptable social norms and critical thinking skills to help them avoid delinquent behavior and learn to solve problems through non-violent means.

For more information or to arrange a speaker on this topic, please call the Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition speaker’s bureau at 239-330-2250. Speakers are provided free of charge to community groups and schools.

To learn more about the G.A.T.E. program, click here.

What's Important to Us? Advocacy, Education, Legislation, and Partnerships.

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